Les Règles

Nécrothéurge Sportif (sports necrotheurge)

Spot de Sylvanie / (Sylvanian Spotlight)

Coût : 150000 PO

Catégorie : 0-1 Wizard

Quantité : 0-1

Autorisé(e) pour : Morts-vivants, Khemri, Nécromanciens, Vampires


Once per game, a Wizard may cast one of the following spells:


You may cast this spell at the end of either player’s team turn, before the next team turn begins. Target any Standing opposition player anywhere on the pitch, and roll a D6:

  • On a roll of 3+, the player is hit and becomes strangely incorporeal!
  • On a roll of 1 or 2, the player briefly becomes eerily luminous, before the spell dissipates harmlessly.

A player hit by Incorporeal gains the No Hands trait and, if they are in possession of the ball, will immediately drop it, causing it to bounce. Additionally, the player loses their Tackle Zone. The effects of Incorporeal last until the start of the opposition’s next team turn.


You may cast this spell immediately after any of the opposition’s team turns has ended. Roll a D6:

  • On a roll of 3+, your players are suffused with dark vitality. During this team turn, each Lineman positional player on your team that is currently on the pitch (including Journeymen) may improve either their MA, AG or PA by 1. You may choose which of these three bonuses each affected player gains when that player is activated.
  • On a roll of 1 or 2, the sky darkens and the players jerk and spasm furiously, but the spell has no further effect.
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Le Saviez-Vous ?

Les joueurs de la Lutèce dont le nom comporte "Fondu" sont plus susceptibles de faire un 12 en évolution que les autres (soit +1 en force). On remarquera le cas de LX avec son maximum FONDU et Général Izo avec son Gros FONDU. A bon entendeur !

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