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Mage Météo (weather mage)

Tous / (Any)

Many stadium owners employ Weather Mages, paying good money for highly localised spells to control the elements to keep the fans dry and happy. Rarely does this magical climate control extend to the pitch though, unless a coach is willing to pay for the service that is! A Weather Mage is not a Wizard Inducement and a coach may Induce both a Weather Mage and a Wizard of some sort.

You may use a Weather Mage once per game, at the start of any one of your team turns, before activating any of your players. Roll on the Weather table, applying a modifier of +1 or +2, or -1 or -2 if desired. The resulting weather conditions are applied immediately and will last until the end of the opposition’s next team turn, replacing the existing weather conditions. At the end of opposition’s next team turn or the end of the drive (whichever comes first), the replaced weather conditions will return.

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Extrait n°1 du manuscrit "Coach des Boum Boum Circus". "Comment faire comprendre à un minotaure,un ogre du chaos et un troll du chaos qu'ils ne peuvent pas porter le numéro 100 et être capitaine tous les trois ? A ce jour personne n'a trouvé la solution si ce n'est dans la mort."

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