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Ayleen Andar (Ayleen Andar)

Tous / (Any)


If your team took on any Journeymen during Step 3 of the pre-game sequence, Ayleen will ensure that they are the best, and all are eager to impress!

Roll a D6 for each, applying a -1 modifier to the roll for each Journeyman taken on after the first:

  • On a roll of 1 or less, the Journeyman is a team player, but doesn’t show any particular talent. The Journeyman loses the Loner (4+) trait.
  • On a roll of 2-5, the Journeyman has some potential. The Journeyman gains a single randomly selected Skill from one of their Primary skill categories.
  • On a roll of 6, Ayleen has produced a player with real star quality! The Journeyman gains two randomly selected Skills from one of their Primary skill categories.

Each Journeyman counts towards CTV as normal; their value does not increase for any Skills they may have. Journeymen provided by Ayleen may be permanently hired during Step 4 of the post-game sequence as normal, but doing so will cost an additional 10,000 gold pieces per Skill.

Utilisations en Matchs
Journée Match Coach
9 [TMNT] Croâ ? Croâcoubeh ! / Flying Roubignolles Scarabee
Le Saviez-Vous ?

Lors de la dernière rencontre exibition de l'équipe orque "Fanatic Babouins", le coach eu le malheur d'exorter son capitaine et blitzeur Jokoko à courir vers la zone d'en-but. En effet, ce dernier avait la balle et pouvait arracher le match nul. Le match fut perdu et on mit plus de huit jours à retrouver Jokoko...

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