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Triplés Trundlefoot (The Trundlefoot Triplets)

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Heavy-Handed Incompetence

The Trundlefoot Triplets often try their best to partake in a bit of honest corruption, but all too often they fail. If any player on the opposing team commits a Foul but a double is not rolled when making either the Armour roll or Injury roll, roll a D6:

  • On a roll of 5+, the player that committed the Foul is Sent-off, exactly as if they had rolled a double (i.e., the opposing coach may use a Bribe if one is available and may attempt to Argue the Call).
  • On a roll of 2-4, the triplets, squabbling amongst themselves, miss the Foul.
  • On a roll of 1, however, the victim of the Foul is Sent-off as if they had committed a Foul and rolled a double!

“Smart players are well-behaved players!”

At the start of each drive, after both teams are set-up but before the kick-off, roll a D6. On a roll of 6, one randomly selected player on the opposing team that is not being Marked becomes embroiled in a pointless argument with the triplets about their kit. The player is immediately Placed Prone and becomes Stunned, representing the time wasted arguing.

“They don't look happy!”

If a Get the Ref result is rolled on the Kick-off Event table, the triplets make themselves scarce and will play no further part in this game. In addition, each team also gets a Bribe as normal.

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Le Saviez-Vous ?

C'est en pariant sur une victoire d'Amaranth face à Ankha que Scampi se retrouva en short. Misant plus de 10 000 po au PMU sur Mamar, après avoir perdu pas mal de flouze suite à une défaite de l'autre taulier du PMU (KP), Scampi se retrouva contraint d'emprunter de nouveau pour tenter de se renflouer. C'est ainsi que la crise des subprimes virussa la Lutèce, au lendemain de la victoire d'Obama!

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