Les Règles

#100 - Animosité (X) (Animosity (X))

This player is jealous of and dislikes certain other players on their team, as shown in brackets after the name of the Skill on this player's profile. This may be defined by position or race. For example, a Skaven Thrower on an Underworld Denizens team has Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), meaning they suffer Animosity towards any Underworld Goblin Linemen players on their team. Whereas a Skaven Renegade on a Chaos Renegade team has Animosity (all team-mates), meaning they suffer Animosity towards all of their team-mates equally. When this player wishes to perform a Hand-off action to a team-mate of the type listed, or attempts to perform a Pass action and the target square is occupied by a team-mate of the type listed, this player may refuse to do so.
Roll a D6.
On a roll of 1, this player refuses to perform the action and their activation comes to an end. Animosity does not extend to Mercenaries or Star Players.


Q: Does a player with the Animosity (X) trait make the roll to see whether they can perform a Pass action or Hand-off action to the relevant player at the start of their activation or just before attempting the desired action? (p.81)
A: Animosity (X) states when they attempt to perform the action, so the roll will be made immediately before they attempt to perform the action, not at the start of their activation.

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