Les Règles

#12 - Esquive (Dodge)

Once per team turn, during their activation, this player may re-roll a failed Agility test when attempting to Dodge.
Additionally, this player may choose to use this Skill when they are the target of a Block action and a Stumble result is applied against them, as described on page 57.


Q: Can players that are Prone, Stunned, or have lost their Tackle Zone still use skills such as Dodge, Block, Sidestep or Wrestle (amongst others)? (p.74)
A: No. A player that is Prone, Stunned, or has lost their Tackle Zone cannot use any Skills or Traits unless it is specifically stated in the description of that Skill or Trait.

Q: If a player attempts to Dodge away from a player with the Diving Tackle skill and fails the original Dodge roll, but then uses a re-roll and succeeds, can the player with Diving Tackle use this Skill on the re-rolled attempt? (p.75)
A: Yes

Q: Can the Dodge skill be used on moves outside of a player activation, such as those provided from On the Ball, or the Blitz result on the Kick-off Event table? (p.75)
A: No. The Dodge skill can only be used to re-roll a Dodge roll during that player activation during their own team turn.

Q: If a player attempts to Dodge away from a player with the Shadowing skill, which roll happens first: the Dodge roll or the roll for Shadowing? (p.77)
A: The Dodge roll will happen first, and once the Dodge has been resolved the opposing player may roll for Shadowing if they wish.

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Le Saviez-Vous ?

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