Les Règles

#123 - Trickster (Trickster)

When this player is about to be hit by a Block action or a Special action that replaces a Block action (with the exception of a Block action caused by the Ball & Chain Move Special action), before determining how many dice are rolled, they may be removed from the pitch and placed in any other unoccupied square adjacent to the player performing the Block action. The Block action then takes place as normal. If the player using this Trait is holding the ball and places themselves in the opposition End Zone, the Block action will still be fully resolved before any touchdown is resolved.


Q: When a player uses the Trickster trait, does the player being removed from the pitch and then placed again count as the player moving? (p.5)
A: No; it is a placement not a movement. As such, any rules that interact with a player moving, such as the Shadowing or Tentacles skills, will not come into effect.
Q: If a player uses the Trickster trait and places themselves in a square containing the ball, do they attempt to pick it up? (p.5)
A: No; it is a placement not a movement. As such, the ball will immediately bounce in the same manner as if the player had been pushed back.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Reconversion reussi du celèbre arbitre Gaulois Koolina et ce malgré ses efforts pour passer incognito dans le championnat de la Lutècecup sous le pseudo de "Kool".

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