Les Règles

#29 - Blocage multiple (Multiple block)

When this player performs a Block action on its own (but not as part of a Blitz action), they may choose to perform two Block actions, each targeting a different player they are Marking. However, doing so will reduce this playerâ??s Strength characteristic by 2 for the duration of this activation. Both Block actions are performed simultaneously, meaning both are resolved in full even if one or both result in a Turnover. The dice rolls for each Block action should be kept separate to avoid confusion. This player cannot follow-up when using this Skill. Note that choosing to use this Skill means this player will be unable to use the Frenzy skill during the same activation.


Q: If a player with Multiple Block also has the Grab skill, can they place the second opposition player that they Blocked into the square that was initially occupied by the first opposition player that they Blocked? (p.80)
A: No, as both Block actions happen simultaneously.

Q: When a player with the Multiple Block skill declares two adjacent opposing players the target of their Block, do both opponents grant defensive assists to each other if there are no other players from the active team marking them? (p.80)
A: No.

Q: Can the Stab trait be used in conjunction with the Multiple Block skill to make two Stab Special actions? (p.80 & 86)
A: Yes.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Les joueurs de la Lutèce dont le nom comporte "Fondu" sont plus susceptibles de faire un 12 en évolution que les autres (soit +1 en force). On remarquera le cas de LX avec son maximum FONDU et Général Izo avec son Gros FONDU. A bon entendeur !

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