Les Règles

#41 - Stabilité (Stand firm)

This player may choose not to be pushed back, either as the result of a Block action made against them or by a chain-push. Using this Skill does not prevent an opposition player with the Frenzy skill from performing a second Block action if this player is still Standing after the first.


Q: Can the Strip Ball skill be used to make a player who used the Stand Firm skill drop the ball? (p.77 & 80)
A: Yes, if the player chooses not to be pushed back, they will drop the ball in the square they are standing in.

Q: If a player is pushed by a Waaagh! Drummer, can they still use Skills that would come into effect when that player would be pushed such as Sidestep or Stand Firm? (p.36)
A: Yes.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Citation du président de l'équipe des Cannibal Rangers:"Mort,tu ne satisfais que mon orgueil!Vendu,tu rejouis ma bourse!" Et apres ça on dit que les nains du chaos n'on pas de coeur...du moins pour l'or!

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