Les Règles

Joueurs Mercenaires (Mercenary Players)

Tous / (Any)

For every player safely employed by a team, there are dozens more who will wear anyone’s colours in exchange for hard currency. You may Induce Mercenary players to your team for a single game, chosen from your Team Roster, at 30,000 gold pieces more than the player would normally cost. For example, a Mercenary Human Lineman would cost 80,000 gold pieces to hire for a game rather than the usual 50,000 gold pieces.

The normal limits on the total number of players allowed on a team and in each position apply to Mercenaries. However, players that are missing the game due to injury do not count towards the number of players on the team, so they are not counted when working out how many Mercenaries a team can have.

All Mercenaries have the Loner (4+) trait as they are not accustomed to playing with the rest of the team. In addition, a Mercenary may be given one additional Primary skill selected from those available to a player of that position, at an additional cost of 50,000 gold pieces. For example, a Mercenary Human Lineman could be given Tackle for a total cost of 130,000 gold pieces to hire for a game. Mercenaries do not earn Star Player points and cannot be awarded the MVP for the game. Unlike Journeymen, Mercenaries cannot be permanently hired during the post-game sequence.

Utilisations en Matchs
Journée Match Coach
4 Charonne Steack House (Fav Chaos Univ) / [TMNT] Croâ ? Croâcoubeh ! Kral / JC
5 Sacrificateurs de Sotek / [TMNT] Croâ ? Croâcoubeh ! Haplo
Le Saviez-Vous ?

En l'an de grâce 2006, Knarf the dwarf, après voir écumé les Royaumes oubliés, prend sa retraite et se lance dans la Lutèce cup. Quelle ne fut pas sa déception de se retrouver à coacher une équipe d'orks au lieu de nains! Enfin, deux aspects positifs: non seulement envoyer des orks au casse pipe mais en plus une bonne excuse en cas de défaite! Malin comme un nain!

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